Sexy Halloween Costumes for Your Daughter

Parents, don’t.  Just.don’t.go.there.  Your daughter deserves better.


6 thoughts on “Sexy Halloween Costumes for Your Daughter

    1. I know. I don’t understand the reasoning a parent would use to approve of it. There is a real double-sided view of “sexiness” in our culture. Some think it makes girls/women empowered to embrace their sexuality then on the other hand, they talk about how it’s so wrong for men to objectify women.

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  1. Not just Halloween costumes; it’s everywhere. I used to be able to at least buy little girl clothes for my thirteen year old, but my six year old now, if her sister’s clothes are worn out, I can’t replace them. There’s nothing even for the little ones! What in the world is going on here?! I just don’t get it! I have to make all their clothes, mail-order, or have something custom-made for a fortune that I really can’t afford if I just don’t have time. Half the time we can’t even find things at secondhand, thrift or consignment anymore; it just takes all day rifling through clothing racks to find maybe one thing.


    1. I agree that even little girls regular clothing can be iffy but surprisingly I’ve always been able to find some decent clothes at Wal Mart, K Mart, Target, Macy’s and Boscov’s. The “sexy” stuff is there too but there’s also normal clothing. I’m on the East Coast in a small town that is hours from any big cities so maybe it varies by region.

      If I had to sew to get decent clothes, I’d be completely out-of-luck since I don’t know how to do much more than sew a button.


  2. We regularly buy Bermuda shorts every summer that stop just above the knee. Maxi skirts and dresses for for little girls are readily available at Target. I’ve bought a few this year. Walmart and target both always have perfectly modest t-shirts for $5 or less.

    We haven’t found it terribly difficult to dress our daughters under the age of 13. Because we are a tall bunch, it got to be more of a challenge when our older kids entered the teen years, but in general, there is a wide variety of appropriate clothing out there. Even when there are shorted skirts, there are rainbows+ colors of leggings to wear underneath.

    I guess it depends on the strictness of your standards.

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