I’m Stunned and Shocked at the Trump Victory….and Elated Because I am a Trump Voter

The day before the election I determined that I wasn’t going to watch the results because I was sure, given the polling, that Clinton would be elected.  Despite the fact that I didn’t think he was going to win, I wanted to vote Trump, not only because his policy positions were ones I could support, but also because I wanted to add my voice (small as it may be) to the rejection of the establishment on both sides of the aisle.

Of course when the evening of election day rolled around, curiosity got the better of me and I jumped online to follow the facebook/twitter feeds and running blog commentary of both well-known conservative voices (Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Kellyanne Conway, Conservative Treehouse) and those of ordinary people whose opinions I’ve come to respect through their online writing.  The first thing I came across was an announcement that “He’s winning Florida.  Most of the vote is in and the ones that aren’t in yet are from red counties.”   It was then that the glimmer of hope that I kept squashing down the last few weeks every time it crossed my mind that perhaps the polls are skewed and not actually a reflection of what’s going on, began to grow.  I thought “I’ll just see how he does in FL, OH and NC before I decide whether to call it a night or to stick it out longer.   Little did I know that I would be sticking it out until Hillary finally conceded and Trump gave his victory speech around 3 am.

The entire evening was a nail-biter with the agonizingly long wait for PA to be called for Trump and with that their 20 electoral votes that would put him solidly at 274 for the win.  Needless to say, I got to bed around 4am and powered through the day yesterday on 3 hrs sleep so I didn’t have the brain cells to give any commentary here.   Today, I have some thoughts and observations to share.

1. I voted for Trump for his policies.  Now I expect him to deliver.

2.  I’m deeply concerned about the fact that universities feel the need to offer “safe spaces” for students who are so traumatized over the results that they need professional help to process their feelings.  How are these emotionally stunted adults supposed to learn to deal with disappointments by treating them like preschoolers?  It’s cruel to coddle them like this.  Michael Bloomburg points out in the New York Post, “…one of the most dangerous places on a college campus is a safe space, because it creates the false impression that we can insulate ourselves from those who hold different views.”  Also, “How to study, cooperate, listen carefully, think critically and resolve conflicts through reason — those are the most important skills in the working world, and it’s why colleges have always exposed students to challenging and uncomfortable ideas.”

There are BIG parenting fails that need to be dealt with if our young people are reaching adulthood unprepared to deal with disappointment or uncomfortable feelings.  Offering play doh, crayons, bubbles, cookies and frolicking puppy videos to help them deal or feel safe keeps these adults at the emotional maturity of pre-schoolers.  Is it the acceptance and the over tolerance of  single moms, dead beat dads, helicopter parenting, and children being raised full-time in institutional settings from their infancy that is contributing to this?  I think, yes, yes, yes and yes.  The loss of our ability to reason before we react is concerning.

3. This isn’t all students though.  “In more than 20 years at UM-Flint, I am sure that these support services were never provided after previous elections, and certainly not in 2008 or 2012,” according to economics Professor Mark Perry. “And if the outcome of the election had been different, I am confident that either no emails would have been sent out to the campus community, or they would have been announcements for post-election campus celebrations, rather than an announcement for a campus ‘vigil.’” Source

Personally, if I was a liberal I would be embarrassed that this coddling had to be done every time one of my ideals failed to materialize.  I would wonder why my conservative counterparts don’t need a safe space when a liberal is elected and their conservative candidate faces defeat.  What was it about their parenting that made them better able to deal with their feelings instead of being crippled by them?  But then again, liberals aren’t know for their ability to think this deeply because they can’t get past their feelings in the first place.

4.  The ridiculous claims from some that this election was about sexism.  The election was only about gender for staunch feminists that voted for Hillary because they wanted the “highest and hardest glass ceiling” finally broken. People may have voted FOR her because “gender” but I doubt that any voted against her for that reason. The only sexism was on the part of feminists against “white male power.”

5.  The equally ridiculous claims from parents who didn’t know what or how they were going to tell their children about their new President or how their children were sobbing and terrified that he had been elected.  Who the hell instilled that fear other than their parents in the first place?  These are the children that are going to need college safe spaces.

6.  This excellent article that Trump voters were hidden in plain site.

Please add your commentary.  Agree or disagree freely.  I promise I can handle it.


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